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Notes from Kyle Neath’s presentation at Twitter on 5/31

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  • Slides
  • hashbang urls
    • are a kludgy workaround for lack of history api. Since history api is coming, they have no future. Since urls are forever, especially w/ tweets being stored in the lib of congress, use of hashbangs results in permanent support for a temporary condition.
    • break pre-existing url fragment behavior
    • result in confusing routing logic
  • “responsive web design” is adapting to client and seeming responsive to user input
    • page load isn’t just a benchmark; a page is only “loaded” when the user can scroll, read text, and click links
  • well-designed urls provide a command-line-like interface for web apps
  • all web assets should have a url, i.e., navigation should not allow access to a resource that cannot then be accessed directly via a url
  • native elements should behave as the user expects
    • do not modify common key combos, e.g., shift + click
    • take advantage of the back button, tabs, links, etc
  • responsiveness is as much about performance as perception
    • wait ~500ms before showing loader image; showing loaders immediately can actually make the page seem slower
  • ssl
    • is required now that there are common, easy ways to sniff credentials
    • a new ssl handshake is very slow, and required for each domain
    • use http keep-alive to reuse ssl connections
    • multiple parallel requests to a new domain will each have to perform a handshake; instead, complete one fast request, and then reuse the connection for subsequent parallel requests
    • github optimized its backend to 40ms latency before realizing that the ssl handshake takes 500ms
      • a case of perception > performance
      • favor science over theory, i.e., test time-to-usable in multiple regions instead of just running perf tests on components
    • templates
    • use something simple, e.g., mustache
    • avoid rendering on client and server; pick one
    • kneath prefers server-side
    • for server-side rendering, passing html back as one value in a json object allows for passing data back in other keys
  • html 5 history api
  • allows for much richer state management. See github’s new issues dashboard

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May 31, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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steps for merging changes from a remote clone of a git repo

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I’m a fan of github, but I don’t know how to apply changes made to a clone of my repo, usually announced via a pull request. The goal of this post, then, is to define these steps. Note: the steps below pulled in the changes as desired, but also auto-committed them despite the —no-commit flag, so these steps need refinement.


  • a git repo named origin
  • committer has issued a pull request. For this example, I’ll use a committer named FooBaz


  1. add commiter’s repo as a remote
    • copy clone url for pull requester’s repo, eg git://
    • define remote repo: git remote add FooBaz git://
    • view list of remotes as sanity check: git remote show
  2. pull in FooBaz’s changes:
    • run: git pull --no-commit FooBaz master
    • note: this actually committed the changes for me 😐
  3. push changes to origin repo: git push origin master


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December 24, 2009 at 11:43 am

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