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Super-audacious scam email

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Wow. I just received a scam/spam email that takes the prize for most audacious. I guess the idea is McChrystal is hard up for cash(?). To be fair, the details are a bit dated, which, I suppose, could be interpreted as a wink to the better informed.

For your enjoyment, I reprint it below in full. I hope the author doesn’t mind 🙂


This is General Stanley Mc Chrystal from the states but on duties now in
Afghanistan the commander of the multi international forces here in
Afghanistan, first I apologies to you on contacting you through this media.

Actually I have gotten a business proposal for you dear sir, it may sound
strange or surprising to contact you through this media but really I am in
need of someone to help me from your country. 

I acquire $ 20, million dollars on the attack when we try to apprehend the
Taliban in a hidden cave here in Afghanistan.

I am looking for an honest and trustful person that is capable of handling
this transaction as we can understand that I am talking about hug amount of
funds and I will like to transfer the funds out of Afghanistan to any
country where the funds can be secure for some while until my arrival to
your country.

I could not transfer this huge amount of money to my country to prevent me
for been probe by the house of pentagon on how I made that hug amount and
to avoid been questioned by the United States government. 

This is a top secret transaction I do not want you to discuss this
transaction in the public places for security reasons and also to secure my
status and a serving American 4star General 

Please contact me via email address for more information detail regarding
this transaction:

Your email address and telephone contact is needed for easy

Best regards
General Stanley Mc Chrystal

Credit:,, and/or some unfortunate collection of writers & zombie machines

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October 21, 2010 at 9:13 am

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